If Being An Architect Is Your Dream… Make Your Dream Happen Now…

Very few of us actually get to live out our dream careers. In metropolitan areas where style meets form and function in the world of architecture, Level 3 Architects earn—on average—more than $60,000 a year! Making a living that nearly doubles that of most Americans… for doing something you love? Why not?! If becoming an architect is your passion, here are a few tips to get you on the way to becoming the professional you want to be: Do your research. Learn everything you can about various careers in architecture to narrow your focus and see where you fit in. You can learn more by writing to the Director of Careers in Architecture Programs at The American Institute of Architects, 1735 New York Ave. NW, Washington, DC, 20006. Practice. Set up a professional drafting table at your home and spend time using it. In case you’re not pulling that 60K a year yet, we found a top of the line, adjustable drafting table for only $499 at versatables.com. You can choose the color to match your existing décor, and the company ships for free (unlike most that will charge well over $100 for shipping), making that table an even better deal. Read up. Invest in getting a few subscriptions to good architectural trade magazines like: Architect, Architectural Record, and Architectural Digest. You’ll be inspired every month when you open the mailbox and see the current issue. And you’ll stay on top of what’s happening in the industry. Take Classes. There are 105 schools accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). Enroll at one of them. Don’t turn your nose up at the idea of taking supplemental classes at a local community college though. These classes can give you the practice you need under a guided expert, without putting you in a financial slump. Save Money. You’ll need to work as an intern-architect for very little money for almost three years before taking your ARE (the exam you need to be a licensed architect—the real deal), so get on a budget that will allow you to do this and still maintain a standard of living that doesn’t include eating Ramen noodles and boxed rice every night for dinner. There’s nothing keeping you from achieving everything you want for yourself. But be smart about it. Anything worth getting takes time, discipline, and dedication. But someday, when you look out the window of a building you designed, my guess is that it will all be worth it. Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=135270&ca=Career

Dream of Luxurious Living, Dream of Adani Aangan

There is a constant demand for residential spaces in Delhi NCR to cater to the needs of the ever increasing population of the region. The persistent rat-race has significantly escalated the property prices. But there are a host of realty developers who are constructing and delivering luxurious homes at the most affordable prices. One such recently launched township is Adani Aangan by Adani Group, a leading Indian real estate giant. The township is located in an upcoming area of Gurgaon and offers modern facilities and amenities to the residents. A home here is undoubtedly a great value for money. Gurgaon, famed as the millennium city, is witnessing a flurry of activities in the real estate market. With an ever increasing demand for residential accommodations in Delhi NCR, eminent realty developers of the city are constructing a host of projects to meet these growing demands. While the growing demand signifies a boom in the property prices, the realty market of Gurgaon is offering luxurious homes at the most budget prices to the people of national capital region. The residential market of Gurgaon is currently offering 2/3/4/5 BHK apartments, studio apartments, villas and residential plots to buyer/investors. Adani Group is one such real estate giant who is offering well-planned residential apartments at the most affordable prices. The real estate developer has recently launched a regal residential project – Adani Aangan in Sector 88A & 89A in Gurgaon. While Adani Aangan is Adani Group’s first project in Delhi-NCR, it made its entry into the Indian realty sector by delivering a series of residential projects in Ahmedabad and then Mumbai. Studying the intricacies of Adani Aangan affordable housing in Gurgaon Sector 88A & 89A, we may observe the following: About the Township Adani Aangan affordable housing seems to be an innovatively planned and creatively designed residential township. There are about 10 categories of flats, where in the first eight categories feature 1BHK apartment and rest two categories feature 2BHK apartments. The former category is available in sizes ranging from 381.01 sq. ft. to 372.06 sq. ft. of carpet area, the latter range between 578.7 sq. ft. to 625.47 sq. ft. of carpet area. The project has also earned extra points as it offers modern facilities and amenities which include a landscaped garden, club house, fitness centers, kid’s play area, efficient waste management system and much more for an easy going life. About the Apartments Apartments at Adani Aangan Gurgaon are urbane in every sense of the word. The entire project has been outlined by Adani Group’s chief architects and designers. Each apartment is furnished with durable fittings and finishes and a host of essential home utilities. Additionally, the flats feature a modular kitchen, bathrooms equipped with modern bathroom fittings, and also have a provision for water and power back up. About the Location Adani Aangan’s location offers an excellent connectivity to the most prominent catchments of Delhi and Gurgaon including Indira Gandhi International Airport, National Highway 8, Dwarka Expressway, proposed metro line and the Diplomatic Enclave along with proximity to a host of premium educational institutions, modern supermarkets, healthcare facilities, dine-outs and utility stores. To sum up, Adani Aangan in Sector 88A & 89A, Gurgaon, is an affordable housing scheme which is offering all the urban facilities for an easy and comfortable life, all at a reasonable price – an option that every affordable home buyer should be looking at. Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=1944488&ca=Real+Estate

Take Action Now – Many People Dream Of Wealth, Dream Of Success

Hello and welcome to the rest of your life. Imagine being a Wealth Affiliate, which has a lot of meaning behind it. Is it being affiliated with the wealthy people? Maybe it is being affiliated with the wealthy businesses? Does it mean being affiliated with high material items, spirituality, relationally, physically or is it just plain old wealth affiliation with no meaning or all meanings. My point is Wealth Affiliation means something different for everyone. Now, one must ask “Can I buy Wealth Affiliations?” regardless of your meaning. The ability to buy wealth affiliation is based on one thing, your ability to take action. There are thousands of opportunities out there to learn how to buy wealth affiliations and the only way to find the one that works for you is to take action. I know what you are thinking “There are so many scams out there, what is the point, why would I bother?” Let me tell you, speaking from experience, “If you don’t play, It don’t pay!” One thing you must understand is that every successful person in history, including the ones alive today faced many failures and losses in their process to success. Failure equals experience. Experience equals knowledge. Knowledge equals confidence. And confidence equals action! Do not let your failures be your biggest failure. Buying Wealth Affiliate means wealth in knowledge, affiliation with the doers and separation from the dreamers. You are the Master of your Destiny and the Captain of your Soul (Nelson Mandela). Take action now, do not sit back and be your life until you are no more, live your life now… Do not live by fear or doubt. Battles are won based on action not on running and you all know that this life is a battle. Whether you are spiritual or not we all face battles and challenges in life and the only way through is “go through”. Now the action plan, buy Wealth Affiliates. The actual institution name is “Wealth Affiliates University”. This is an organization that helps you become your own Internet Marketing Professional. Now you ask, “What is an Internet Marketing Professional and what does that have to do with buying Wealth Affiliation?” Well becoming an Internet Marketing Professional entails becoming the go between resource for consumers and venders. There are hundreds of thousand’s (maybe even millions) of internet products and services out there waiting for people to find them without any means of driving traffic to them. Their specialty is developing and providing these items to their customers, not in getting their customers. They are even willing to pay you for this. thereby not having to pay for their own sales people, establishing a business relationship. This is Internet Affiliation; you become affiliated with the service or product for little or no cost. The problem that now presents itself is HOW? Well, there are many steps, of which all become very natural and easy after a slow and consistent process of repetition. It will become a routine for you, like having a beverage in the morning, easy as pie. The thing to remember is that one wealth affiliation may take time and frustration and determination but two becomes a little easier and three even easier and so on and once you get an enterprise of wealth affiliations, it does not matter how successful one wealth affiliation is, the success is in having many many wealth affiliation business relationships. Wealth is in numbers, not numbers in one direction but numbers in many directions, diversification. Check it out, try it out. Remember, your ultimate success may be just one failure away and that one failure may have been the last one you have just experienced. One more try and that could be your key to the door of your dreams. Buy Wealth Affiliation and don’t look back. Here it is, check it out. There is no harm or cost to inquiring. Do not let your voices of fear or hurt stop you from seeing you live your dreams, your visions, your desires, your right and your potential. Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=478164&ca=Business

Affordable Medical Care Just A Dream? Six Tips Make This Dream A Reality

If you want to protect yourself and your family without going broke, you will need to be pro-active when it comes to health care. Despite the extremely high cost of most medical care, access to free or discounted care is there for those willing to make a small effort to find it. Here are 6 tips to get you started. 1) Rx Discount Program – Prescription costs can be reduced substantially without buying insurance. There are discount purchasing groups that allow you to join them and receive their negotiated pricing on most prescription medications. One such group is UNA. There is no obligation or fee to register and it takes less than a minute to receive a personalized printable discount card which you simply bring to your druggist. He will save your discount group # in your file and you will then receive a reduced group price on all covered prescriptions. Discounts can be as much as 75% on some prescriptions but average 30%. Go to superrxcard.com and print your free card in less than 10 seconds .There are no gimmicks attached to this one and over 57,000 pharmacies participate in this group. According to Wellness.com – April 2006: “Hands down, the finest prescription assistance program in the United States…” 2) Free Medical Q&A – Informational resources are abundant and free. If you have symptoms you want to confidentially discuss with a real doctor or if you want to research any disease or medication, here are a few good resources: webmd.com, afraidtoask.com and yournetdoctor.com . 3) Doctor and Hospital Ratings – before you select a doctor or hospital for surgery, you might want to know if you are making the right choice. There are research groups that independently research doctors and hospitals and rate them based on criteria which are designed to determine whether they have met the nationally recognized standards for excellence. One such group has made their data base of research on over 600,000 doctors and hospitals available to the public. Got to: healthgrades.com to see how your doctor and hospital rate. 4) Health Insurance – Given up on buying health insurance? Do a little more research. There might possibly be some good coverage available that is within your budget. Try insureme.com or healthinsuranceinfo.net before throwing in the towel. 5) Free Eyeglasses – If you are a student or have children and cannot afford eyeglasses for them, there is a program available that may qualify you for a free eye examination and free glasses. To see if you qualify, go to: sightforstudents.org and apply. 6) Free Medical and Dental Clinics – Nearly every zip code has a medical facility nearby that will give anyone, without insurance or money, medical care. Most of these receive $ aid from governmental agencies or charitable organizations. How do I locate one? Just call any doctor or medical facility and ask them or visit ask.hrsa.gov/pc/ . This web page will allow you to search for a clinic by zip code that will give you medical care, even if you do not have insurance or money. Another site that will help you locate free medical care is freemedicalcamp.com Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=222849&ca=Medicines+and+Remedies

Get Your Dream Career With The Help Of A Health Care Staffing Company

With the ever increasing calls for health care workers across the country, health care staffing agencies have become a popular option to matching qualified health care employees with health care organizations trying to fill job openings both temporary and permanent. Whether or not it is a huge medical facility in a rural region or a facility positioned in a large urban populace, high quality health care staffing corporations have the candidates to fill the most specialized health areas. The objective of knowledgeable health care staffing agencies is to help medical organizations fill job openings by matching them with the appropriate candidate in their database. If you’re contemplating joining a health care staffing firm, you will benefit greatly with the many advantages that you will receive when a member of such a staffing agency. Such medical professions that health care staffing agencies can offer include: Travel Nursing Jobs, Nurse Staffing, Medical Lab Technicians, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physician Jobs, Pharmacists, and much more. In case you are the supervisor of a medical facility seeking to fill a job opening rapidly, you understand how time consuming it may be to find a qualified candidate. A health care staffing will have a database of qualified and experienced candidates for essentially the most specialized medical fields. The company will be capable of quickly located the best qualified candidates and arrange for a job interview. They will do all of the work and arrange for the worker to be ready to start the first day. Many individuals enjoy traveling to different regions for short term work assignments such as travel nurses. Going to different areas and experience different work environment services is fun and exciting and they will learn more skills. It looks nice on a resume and the experience offers you an edge when applying for a full time position. As effectively, you may work as much or as little as you want. For example, one can work for a three month project after which take a month or two off before accepting one other assignment. As well, being employed by a medical staffing agency can improve the possibility of getting a full time job. Some facilities will hire a short term period worker for full time employment if they actually like their work. There are special advantages one receives when working with a medical staffing agency. As an illustration, the company will provide travel assistance. A top quality recruitment agency will organize for the travel and they can cover some of the travel expenses. The agency may also help acquire accommodations that are secure, comfortable, and near the work assignment. Knowledgeable medical staffing agency recruiters will also help the health care worker obtain the proper license to work in the region. Whether it’s permanent, part time, or contract, the aim of a knowledgeable health care staffing agency is to find health professionals a dream career in the health care industry. For a medical facility trying to fill open medical jobs, a health care staffing company makes it easier to find the highest qualified health employees. Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=1387506&ca=Career

How to Save Money and Get Discount Health Insurance in New Jersey

Few people enjoy paying for health care. In fact, more than 50% of all people who have health care in New Jersey report that the cost of health care is a significant financial burden on their household. Health insurance has gotten so expensive that fully 17% of all New Jersey residents are without health insurance of any kind due primarily to cost.

So what can be done about the high cost of health insurance? Is it even possible to save money and get discount health insurance in New Jersey?

Well, actually there are a few things the average person can do to help bring the cost of health care insurance back in line.

If you have the opportunity to purchase group health insurance through your employer or through an association or organization that you belong to, you should seriously consider purchasing it. There are at least two reasons for this. First, group health insurance is almost always less expensive than individual health insurance and, secondly, group health insurance will often accept a person with a pre-existing condition that an individual policy will not.

So what are some of the things you can do to put together a health insurance policy that will save you the most money?

Start by getting all tobacco products out of your life. Smokers and people who use chew are going to pay more for health insurance. Period. By the way, never lie about your use of tobacco products in order to get insurance – your health provider will know instantly that you have lied and your insurance may refuse to pay for treatments you have already received.

If you are overweight you are going to pay more for health insurance. Losing weight is more difficult that quitting smoking for most people, yet being overweight is a prime reason that so many people pay through the nose for their health insurance. If you want to lower your cost of health insurance you need to lose at least some weight – losing even a little weight can bump you down into a lower weight category and that could save you hundreds of dollars each and every year.

Children under the age of 18 and some adults who meet certain income eligibility standards can qualify for low-cost or sometimes even no-cost health insurance through the state of New Jersey. Qualifying is easier than you think. To see if you or your children qualify for this health insurance please check out: http://www.njfamilycare.org/

How much of a co-payment can you afford? Many people are paying a 20% or 25% co-pay each time they visit a doctor. If you can afford to increase that co-pay to 50% you can lower the monthly cost of your health insurance by a substantial amount. This is a particularly good strategy for people who seldom see their doctor.

If you have other insurance policies, such as a homeowner’s policy or a life insurance policy it can pay you to get all of them from the same insurance company. This will earn you a Multi-Policy Discount.

If you’ve had a health insurance policy through the same insurance company for at least 5 years ask your agent if you qualify for a Long-Term Policy Discount.

How large of a deductible can you afford each year? Think carefully about this because you are going to have to come up with your deductible out of your own pocket every year before your insurance company will even begin to make any medical payments, but the larger your deductible the lower your monthly premium payment is going to be.

O.K., now put it all together. Create your low-price dream health insurance policy and then go online and find at least 3 different websites that will allow you to compare the price of your dream policy at several different insurance companies.

Don’t stop after making just one comparison. If you really want to find the absolute rock-bottom low price for health insurance in New Jersey you’re going to have to make your comparisons on at least 3 different websites.

Once you’ve done that then you can pick the lowest quote and feel confident that you have found the very best price and that you have truly saved money and gotten discount health insurance in New Jersey.

My recommended sites here:

Discount Health Insurance in New Jersey

Cheapest Health Insurance Companies [http://www.myquoteguide.com]

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Make Money Now – Pursuing The American Dream – Start Your Own Business

The real question is…if anyone can start their own home-based business, earn money from home and be successful why isn’t everyone doing it?

Well, the answer goes like this:

First off, it’s easy not to do. It’s much easier to turn on the tube and distract ones self. Most people really do have the ability but don’t want to invest their time or effort. It’s all a matter of drive. Some will, and…some won’t.

Next, and this is important, very few have a Systematic Way to attain the wealth they desire.And, some simply lack the Discipline to put a system into Action even when they find it. That’s it. Period. Most people just WILL not commit to the few simple requirements that it takes to become successful. What are those requirements?

1. A System or Vehicle
2. Discipline to Take Consistent Action
3. Getting and Staying Organized.

Here is something you must get in order to climb the ladder of success; The initial investment of your time and energy can and will pay you for years to come. Knowing that your efforts will pay you and pay you handsomely (which I refer to as the “Promise”), gives you the drive to push forward and “pay the price” in time, and in effort.

Abundance my friend. That is the great American Dream. You deserve to live a life that you enjoy and it’s up to you to go after it. Here’s the winning attitude, the attitude that will propel you to success. “I CAN”… “I WILL”… “I AM”… Repeat these little phrases to yourself often; I CAN DO THIS, I WILL DO THIS, I AM DOING THIS. This mindset will help you persevere should tough times roll around.

OK then. Let’s you and I look at some of the benefits of Owning Your Own Business.

Here is a great benefit (I think it’s one of the greatest). You start at the top. You’re the decision maker and you can spend your time and effort on those things that you believe will produce the greatest results. In short, you are the boss. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be financially independent and self-supporting through your own contributions? Work when you want? Where you want? There are only 24 hours in a day. Wouldn’t you like to control those hours and spend them on what’s most important to you (like family, dreams health, or whatever you are passionate about) Trust me when I tell you that life is so much more peaceful and enjoyable when you know that you are in charge of your own destiny. Abundance, the American Dream can be yours and the best way that I know of to get it is by creating and developing your own business.

Let’s wrap it up with some suggestions that I hope will be helpful.

Do some research. Check out your options. (Success does not happen by accident)
Find an opportunity with a proven system in place. (If other people can make it work, you can too)
Commit to giving a certain amount of time and effort to your business on a constant and consistent basis. (Get into Action)
Burn these three little phrases into your mind. I CAN, I WILL, I AM. Go after what you want with the firm conviction that…I CAN DO THIS, I WILL DO THIS and soon you will see, I AM DOING THIS.

OK, Here’s just a few tips, trends, facts and ideas help you make an informed decision as you get started.

Take advantage of the “Home Business Wave”. It’s estimated that 175,00 people per week are looking for and starting a home based business. If the business you choose to start offers others the same great opportunity to start a business and make money you will be way ahead of the game.
Baby Boomers! A Baby Boomer will be retiring every 8 seconds for the next eighteen years. Baby Boomers have extra time and money and they are anxiously looking for ways to increase their income with a money-making hobby(or home based business). Not to mention that they love to travel. Which brings us to the third huge trend.
Travel.Think about getting your piece of the pie in the 8 trillion dollar travel industry. It is estimated that 53 percent of the money spent on the internet is spent on travel. When you have a travel offer it appeals to LOTS of people.
The internet. Every week, 175,000 people are starting a home based business via the net. Moment by moment, literally millions of people are scouring the internet looking for a home based business.Not to mention all the shopping done by millions more.The internet has created more millionaires than any other medium in history.

Here’s something exciting to think about. What if you could combine them all? The combination of the internet, the travel industry, baby boomers and the “home business wave”. Wow! That’s exactly what I’m doing and so far the results are just fantastic. And… guess what?

It’s your turn now. So go out and get it! Stop by my website and start your research now. I welcome any questions or comments you may have about how to start your own home based business, earn money from home or market on the internet. I would be glad to assist you in any way that I can. Please feel free to contact us and get more information and tools that will help you succeed.

We are a small consulting/advertising firm in Las Vegas beginning to expand globally in order to fulfill our mission. Our Mission: To Restore The American Dream One Individual At A Time.

May the winds of prosperity propel you safely and steadily as you “sail the seas of success”!

Cheers, David



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The Advantages of Dream Interpretation – Warnings and Predictions

All dreams have a very important meaning. All them contain important messages that come from the wise unconscious mind.

The advantages you’ll have thanks to the interpretation of your own dreams are numerous. The most important of all is that you will be able to acquire perfect mental health and keep it forever. You will be one of the few privileged people who have balance within your live. Unfortunately most people in our absurd world suffer from depression, neurosis, or graver mental illnesses.

The unconscious mind is a superior organ that helps you transform the wild side of your conscience into a more acceptable human conscience. The tiny part of your conscience that currently has human characteristics, must tame the huge wild and primitive content that occupies the biggest part of your brain.

When you learn the dream language, you are able to understand the protective warnings and predictions sent by the unconscious mind channeled through our dreams. You learn how to tame your wild side and transform it into a positive component of your human conscience.

This is how you are able to keep your mental health forever, and never again suffer from any mental illness. All mental illnesses are provoked by the absurdity of your primitive wild side.

This is not a simple matter though. The primitive wild content you have inherited in the biggest part of your brain and psyche is dangerous because it is violent. You have to be prudent and eliminate it before it becomes too powerful.

When you have warnings in dreams or when they predict a future event, you are being protected from doing what your dangerous wild side is imposing on you.

Your wild conscience (anti-conscience) uses all situations of your daily life to prepare traps, so that it may destroy your human conscience and completely control your behavior. This is why you need the unconscious guidance in dream messages.

Be aware that because you will get rid of the negative influence of your wild side, you will already have the best advantage you could have in life.

You will have more advantages after eliminating the dangerous anti-conscience and acquiring complete consciousness through dream translation. You will discover many other possibilities at your disposal; your evolutionary process never ends.

You will possess both mind power, and perfect mental health.

This is safe mind development that will help you achieve your goals and live better. You should have compassion for the ignorant people who believe that they can have mind power without guaranteeing their mental health first of all. You have the power to enlighten them with your new found unconscious wisdom.

Trust the unconscious mind that produces your dreams and follow its guidance. The unconscious mind will teach you the meaning of life, and help you evolve. You’ll build a fascinating personality and find true happiness in life.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.
Learn more at: http://www.scientificdreaminterpretation.com

Click Here to download a Free Sample of the eBook Dream Interpretation as a Science (86 pages!).

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The Number One Secret To Achieve The Health Goals Of Your Wildest Dreams

Do you want a perfectly functioning body? Do you want to be free from all your medications? Do you wish you had the energy of a 20-year old even though that was 20 years ago?

Dreams, goals, desires, fantasies, wish lists. We all have them. Whether you are actively working toward achieving them or secretly cursing those who have what you want because you feel you can’t have it for yourself, everybody desires something better for their health.

So how in the world do we get from where we are now to that final ambitious goal… that sometimes seems so far off that it feels more like a burden than an aspiration? The secret to achieving the health goals of your wildest dreams is simply to get started.

Every journey begins with one first step. Once you have put your foot upon the path of achieving what you really want, the hardest part is actually over because as you complete one step, the next best step will reveal itself. Your current step builds upon the next step and this is how you gain momentum.

Taking the first step is also monumental because it shows you are no longer a victim of circumstance, but a victor, a person willing and capable of taking full responsibility for their health and their life. Victims see the problem (and therefore the solution) coming from outside of themselves. The victor is creative, proactive and takes right action to achieve a desired outcome.

Taking the first step may feel scary because you sometimes just don’t know where to start with achieving such an enormous goal. If you are uncertain of what the first step should be as you embark upon your health and wellness journey, it may help to ask yourself, “what is the smallest step I can take that will get me the biggest result?”. Once you’re clear, about this, just go for it!

One amazing thing that happens when you take the first pivotal step toward your dreams is that your world of support begins to open up for you. When people around you see you taking action and you’re not just giving lip service about wanting to achieve better health, they will be more inclined to offer their help.

Surrounding yourself with quality support, those who hold you accountable and not stand for your mess, will be priceless as you live into your wildest dreams.

Need support taking the first step to healthier cooking and eating? Attend my F.R.E.E. Holistic Kitchen Revival teleseminar on Thursday, May 23rd at 8:00pm EST. For more info and to secure your spot today, visit the following link: http://organicsoulchef.com/free-teleseminar

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